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a concentrate of nature and culture
a concentrate of nature and culture

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The Monte Conero and the paths of sacredness. . . . . . . : to each one his own path

The Monte Conero or Sacro Monte: Nature and culture

Since ancient times, Monte Conero has played a role as a sacred mountain.

Its solitary position overlooking the sea and the widespread presence of hermitages, churches founded on pre-existing places of worship and traces of ancient ritual gestures testify to the characteristic of a sacred place.

The legends handed down by the local communities, further strengthen the charm.

One of the legends related to the Conero would like its name to derive from that of a sailor who in very remote times tried to prevent the capture of a dolphin by his companions on the ship, to avoid the anger of the Gods as a result of such outrage. He failed and a violent storm broke out, causing the ship to founder, releasing the dolphin back into the sea. The fury of the waves dispersed the sailors, all except Conero who, saved or guided by the dolphin, landed at the banks of the mountain that then took his name.

This legend, which recalls classical mythology with the cult of Diomedes, the origin of the name Conero, is contrasted with another legend that leads the name back to the plant of the strawberry tree of which the mountain is rich.

It tells of a distant tradition of the feast of strawberry trees that was held on 23 October, the feast of Saints Simon and Judas.

Many rites are told about the most ancient traditions.

We like to mention here what is still practiced: go to the top of the Conero to watch the sun rise over the sea from up there.

There are no particular dates or deadlines to renew this ritual, it was enough to launch the idea and join spontaneously. But there was - and still remains - a preference for the night of St. Lawrence when you watch over to see the fall of the stars.

Monte Conero is in fact a favourite place for observing stars, constellations and cosmic swarms.

If we want to mention sacred places of great attraction, we remember the Roman Caves, the cave of the S.Benedetto and the rock carvings; in addition, of course, to the two mystical places of exceptional beauty such as the Romanic Church of Santa Maria di Portonovo and the Church of San Pietro at the top of the mountain.


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