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The Pecorara loop

The Pecorara loop (or Pecoraia loop) can be explored on foot or on horseback or on mountain bike . The travel times of course change depending on the mode of transportation and range from an half-hour to an hour and a half. It is a very easy trial and suitable even for the most lazy and sedentary people, that want for once lose into the wonderful nature of the Conero Park

From former Massignano quarry, you can approach Sirolo in south direction, at km 13, there is a small road going down on the right.
At the crossroads, turn left, then turn right and go ahead through a small wood of downy oak, in the ditch of Pecoraia.
On the left, take a steep road and then go ahead towards another deep valley where the second branch of the ditch of Pecoraia flows.
From here go ahead rising another small road to the left until you come to a four roads intersection; turn right (from this point it possible to see the golf courses) and go ahead until you come to a small kiosk, go ahead straight until you come to an area with oaks, go through it and then the road rises up to a crossroad, turn right, drive along a pine grove and rise up to the right side of the Pecoraia loop until you reach again the Conero county road.


La mappa dell'anello della pecorara sul Monte Conero

The landscape is extremely multicolored, you can see cornfields, vineyards, olive tree groves, many riparian zone mixed woods around small streams. In sunny areas the broom overlooks, then there are many hedges of wild rose, Jerusalem thorn, blackthorn, bramble, wild prickly asparagus. On the way you can observe in their natural habitat, many kinds of wood and brush sparrow and typical mammalian of the Conero Park: weasels, badgers, foxes.


The Pecorara loop

This video shows the Pecorara loop’s trail in all its lenght in mountain bike, shared by Luca Gandolfi on his youtube channel.
Uploaded on May 1st 2012, this video was shot on the Conero dirt trails on the trail n.15, also known as ‘Pecorara loop’.
Shot with video camera Drift HD170 Stealth



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